Book CoverPoetry and Prose by Barbara West

168 pp + soft cover.  Perfect bound.
Photo Illustrations by Mike Aviña


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Waiting for an authentic voice can take a long time. Barbara West’s voice is clear, well-spoken and incisive. There is a clarity in her consciousness that allows a lovely poetry to come though her carefully crafted words. There isn’t a trace of the unnecessary here. The feelings are deep, raw and accessible to all readers. You must slow yourself to enjoy the words, as good poetry requires.

— D.R. Wagner – Author of Love Poems, Night Market
and The Generation Of Forms Poet, Musician and Visual Artist

Barbara West’s syntax creates smooth, skillful surfaces; feeling they are in the hands of good writer, a reader can relax. That would be a mistake, for these works contain gaps, halts, pivots and shocks that drive them quite deep. A reader could go along there, too.

— David Schneider, author of Street Zen and Crowded by Beauty

Barbara’s book of poetry and prose offers readers a glimpse at the soul of this woman, this mother, this nurse. Her vulnerability, honesty, tenderness, and contemplation into the ordinary is extraordinary.

— Linda Honan PhD, APRN Professor, Yale School of Nursing

The poetry is rich. The language flows beautifully and naturally, and takes the reader to unexpected insights and images. Like all good work, it rewards repeated readings.

— Steve Kinzie, Songwriter and Musician