American Journal of Nursing
Poem: “Working the COVID-testing tent”  

Growing Up, Lifespan Vol. 2

Micro-Memoir: Big Sister by Barbara West
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And it wasn’t just people—mosquitoes also loved her. She suffered on camping trips, but also, she enjoyed counting the bites and keeping us all up to date on the latest tally… 


Bed 3214-A

Micro-Memoir by Barbara West
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When the bedside nurse whispered to me in the hall, I knew it would be bad. The smell as I entered the room confirmed it—reminding me of the recluse…


Micro-Memoir by Barbara West
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So, Grace and I have been performing our collaborative piece, “Now That You’re Dead,” and it’s a big hit.

The first taste of relief I had was during high school

Memoir Excerpt by Barbara West

During a rape prevention class, feminism and pacifism meet at a bloody crossroads…